Puppies Soon!


We are super excited to finally announce that Brandi is in fact expecting! Yay! We could literally have bouncing babes on the ground any day now!

On that note, I wanted to let everyone know that our website is under construction and we are working hard on updating everything to reflect current policies and pricing for our 2016 litter.

Until that is finished, we will not open up the application process….but not to worry, we will soon and as always, we will continue to operate on a first come/first approved basis, giving everyone interested a fair chance.

Over the last several months we’ve received several voicemails inquiring about our pups, please, if you are one of the families that left us one, do so again. I switched providers and in doing so, lost all my saved voicemails. (whoops!) Thanks so much for your patience and understanding and I absolutely can not wait until I get to start working with you all!

Also, be sure, if you have not already, to subscribe to our blog here for updates and our Facebook page as well, so you will be among the first to know when we have opened up applications!




Better Days for Barney Fundraiser!

Hey Everyone! An update on our sweet Baby Boy, Barney. He has come leaps and bounds with his house training, he’s healthy, he is learning manners, can walk on a leash now and is the happiest little schnauzer you ever did see!

Now that he is doing so very well, we’ve decided it’s time for Barney to get a new forever home. With the help of a dear friend and schnauzer enthusiast, we believe we have found the right home for him! We also think that it’s completely unfair for anyone family to have to carry the weight of his medical expenses, so we started this fundraiser to help!

Any amount you can donate, big or small will help get Barney to his new forever home where he can live out the rest of his days happy and loved!

Please, if you can donate, do! Even if it’s just a little. Barney, Trish’s Mini Schnauzers, myself & my family all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



Better Days are Ahead for Baby Barney

I am moving our post updates for Baby Barney from social media to here. I do hope you come with us & Follow sweet baby Barney's Journey to Recovery.

Better Days are Ahead for Baby Barney

Warning Disturbing Images & Disturbing News

Part 1

The other day over the lunch hour while delivering Christmas puppy presents..I got to see Barney, from Lulu’s Litter 2012, all grown up. Wasn’t he just the most precious baby you’ve ever seen!?


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